Brilliant Ways to Show Case Your Photography in Your House

With the increase in DSLR cameras and knowledge about photography, various folks have started taking this activity as a hobby. All you require is a good camera, an aesthetic sense, and a passion for taking pictures and you can create something wonderful. Displaying your talent on social media sites has become very common. It does give the individuals a chance to see the kind of work you do, but if you really want others to appreciate your work and to look at their real time opinions about the photographs you take, you should start displaying your work around your house.

Here are some easy to do yet amazing ideas that will make your photographs stand out as you display them:

Brilliant Ways to Show Case Your Photography in Your House

Use Your Photographs as Wall Art is the perfect place to look for Wall Art. With over a hundred designs of various styles and sorts, you can find anything in your given price range. This brilliant site gives you a perfect idea for displaying your photos around your house. Just get one made into a wall art and cover a whole wall with it.

You can contact this company and ask them the details about customized wall art. They would guide you as to what size you should choose for the particular photograph. It mostly depends on your wall, but the articles posted on their website are very informative in this regard.

Make Photo Frames Yourself and Adjust Them on Shelves

Photo frames will never go out of style. They will always be in demand because even with people displaying their photographs on the internet, there is always a unique charm in looking at the picture in the frame. However, with the change in styles, traditional photo frames cannot be used if you would like to attract folks to the image.

Pick a theme for your whole house and make the photo frames yourself. That requires some additional effort since you would have to buy the material of the frame, cut out the design, and put all the pieces together. The result will satisfy you, and you would notice these frames give your whole house a charismatic look.

Create Picture Wires on Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a favorite accessory for a girl’s room. There is no doubt they light up the place like no other light can because they give the area a soft glow. You can use these fairy lights around the house in different areas and add pictures on the wires. These picture wires require the usual sized developed photograph and some item to hang the pictures on the wire.

The vital thing to take care of here if you are using this idea to show case your photographs is you require to limit the number of photographs you put on one wire. Too many distract the viewer and too few will not attract greatly. The balance is necessary if you want maximum appreciation.

Display Photographs in Color Themes

Whether you are using photo frames or wall art, one appealing idea to show photographs is by a color theme. If your dining room is a light shade of yellow with huge windows that allow the sunlight to burst through, use a bunch of black and white photographs to put on the walls. That would make the room a perfect place to go to in the morning and have a peaceful cup of coffee in. Similarly, for the other rooms, use color contrasts that make the photographs stand out.

Making the Move from Photos to Video

The truth is, photographers cannot disregard film. Even though there’s been a transition from film photography to digital, photographers must be prepared to make moving film collections. Making the move from photos to video is a natural step in the life of avid photographers. Use this guide for the assistance necessary to make the move.

The Things Photos and Videos Have in Common

While the modern layperson may think that photographers and videographers are one and the same, this simply isn’t true. However, these are the things photos and videos have in common. First, lighting is essential to achieving great pictures and films. Artistic techniques that mostly rely on the same criteria are another aspect similar to both skills. Finally, both photos and videos incorporate good visual perspectives.

Making the Move from Photos to Video

Movement of the Camera

This is an area of transition that begs serious consideration. As a photographer, you may never have paid a lot of attention to camera movement. This is because static shots have intense power, but when you are making those images into videos you are going to need to consider adding motion. This means you will have to add skews, zooms, cranes, dollies, pans, and tilts. Studying up on this area is quite necessary for a successful transition. You may want to watch this video for additional help.

Incorporating Sound

Sound is the extra dimension to viewable videography that you don’t have to worry about in silent photography. There are voice over websites to hire voice actors if you feel like you need a narrator. You’ll find that the site we linked to provides you with clear rates, free auditions, and the latest technology to ensure you get the right voice actor for your newly developed film.

If you don’t want a narrator, you are still going to need some kind of sound for the video. You may choose to use music or other random sounds, but ensuring that it doesn’t detract from your imagery is a big deal. The fact is, that people will endure bad images better than they’ll handle bad audio. If you don’t believe us, read this. The thing about bad video is that some people will simply think that it’s your artistic license not poor quality. There won’t be as much grace given for bad sound.

Tell a Story

While taking one beautiful image works great as a photographer, it won’t fly in video form. You must always have a reason for making a video. This is why learning to tell a story is imperative.  It won’t have to be extraordinarily long. In fact, it can be a two-sentence story: Kids play on the beach. They enjoy the sand.

While there are a lot of people that will tell you that your story needs specific elements, it doesn’t have to be so detailed. If you can learn the concept of creating an arc, you will have no problem telling a story that people will enjoy. You can learn more about “the arc” and storytelling structure at the site we just linked to.

If this sounds tough, don’t get discouraged. This is the kind of journey that can prove incredibly rewarding. Besides, one of the greatest things about art is the opportunity for personal growth. Transitioning from photos to videos is certainly growth that you’ll want to pursue.

Video Games That Highlight Photography

Before we begin this piece, did you know that there are people who are so deeply wrapped up in gaming that there’s video game tourism? These gamers and photographers spend extensive hours working on capturing the best screenshots from their favorite games. Some hack the games to change the scenery whereas others leave the images untouched. Given this marriage of hobbies, it’s no surprise that there are now video games that highlight photography.

Most “real” gamers are devoted to their gaming computers. Especially those that participate in video game tourism. That’s why they will be interested in High Ground Gaming’s top keyboard picks. With the right keyboard, they will be able to capture just the shot they are looking for as some keyboards are more responsive than others. For those gamers, there may also be an interest in the photography inclusive games on our list.

Video Games That Highlight Photography

5 Video Games Photographers Don’t Want to Miss

It’s kind of fun thinking that photography has made an impact on the gaming industry. Until recently it has only been included in bonus modes or mini-games. However, we’d like to introduce you to some gaming storylines that incorporate photography as a main part. These are the 5 games photographers don’t want to miss:

  1. Dead Rising– This is an Xbox 360 game that came out in 2006. A zombie infestation has taken over a small suburban town and the main character, Frank West, who just happens to be a freelance photographer, wants to get the scoop. Players get to use what appears to be a Nikon D1X to take rather improbable zoomed pictures. Frank’s also great for fighting zombies when he’s not taking pictures.
  2. Fatal Frame Series– Available on several platforms, this game appeared on the scene in 2002. The series reached its finale in 2008. A camera is used to fight deadly evil spirits. Designed to feel like a first-person shooter game, the weapon is a camera instead of a gun. Film photography is the key here as film’s the ammunition. Learn more.
  3. Beyond Good and Evil– Another action adventure game hailing from the early 2000s, this one is by Ubisoft and also available on multiple platforms. It will readily remind you of Dead Rising as the main character is an investigative reporter, though this one is female. It’s a futuristic jaunt into fighting propaganda and human trafficking. Read this for more information.
  4. Spider Man 3- Surely we are all aware of Peter Parker’s profession, so this 2007 game designed for a number of gaming systems shouldn’t be of much surprise. The photography in this game includes Parker’s money making Spidey selfies.
  5. Bully- This Rockstar created, 2006 game is at least a lot less violent than some of the others on the list. The main character, Jimmy Hopkins, is an anti-hero. His job is to fulfill his homework assignments. So, what better way to do that than take a photo class, which appears to be part of the school’s required curriculum. He roams the school’s hallway taking shots of various schoolhouse situations.

Most photographers never envisioned a gaming world that would cater to their preferences. In fact, the discovery of these games was shocking for us. We had no idea that video game photography even existed, let alone making it a major part of gaming storylines. But, if you’d like to learn more about the whole video game tourism trend, this is a great link.