Baby Photography Tips for Beginners

Newborn photography is a beautiful hobby and passion. If you enjoy the art and joy of it, then you should know that baby photography could have numerous surprises, especially for those who do not have any child of their own. We have made a list of baby photography tips that can ease your mind substantially and are guaranteed to be helpful for anyone who wants to get the job of newborn photography.

Baby Photography Tips for Beginners

Baby Photography Tips for Beginners

It’s quite obvious that different photographers will have their own ways or styles of undergoing photography, but these tips are just some of the basic things anyone can follow as a beginner newborn photographer:

  1. Be Prepared

For photographers with no kids of their own, know this. Babies are tough to deal with. This is especially apparent when you are setting up your shooting scenes and there’s a lot of mess going around. With the parents and photographers busy, the children can be agitated during shoots and that can be problematic. You and the parents have to keep monitoring the baby to make sure this does not become a problem.

AngelCare offers you the best baby monitoring system with their Movement and Sound Monitor. The company is widely known for being perfect for baby needs. This monitor is no exception. It plays well with photoshoots involving cots and baby beds since it has under-the-mattress motion sensors, which can keep parents and photographers alike, alerted once the baby falls asleep so that you can quickly get the perfect shot without any difficulty to any party involved.

No need for just sound sensors like other monitors, with this monitor you can rely on better-alerting systems for better baby photography. This is something you can recommend to your clients as well. Since it is great for at-home monitoring with its glow lights and range indicators that keep parents alert and within range of their children to make sure they’re as comfortable as they can be for a shoot or anything else.

You get to choose from three different monitor types: movement, video, and audio. You can pick the one that works best for your photo shoot.

  1. Prepare Your Client

The best way to ensure a great baby shoot is to make sure the family knows what to expect and how to be prepared. Photographers should send their prep guidelines before any session to the parents and their baby ready for a shoot.

In fact, most baby workshops include some email templates that are sent with full details, information and chapters regarding each shoot. Some mothers decide to feed while photographers are busy setting up.

It’s best to feed the baby in a diaper and blanket so that the newborn isn’t agitated during dressing up and shooting. It’s always good to let the parents know what you’ll be bringing, the supposed duration of the shoot, what messes and needed feedings will be expected, and how the house will be warmed with a heater that you’ll be bringing to keep the baby comfortable.

  1. Allow the baby to do its own thing

You should let babies move, yawn, and stretch. They have beautiful, individualistic, fluid motions, and do not worry about having a fixed pose in every picture. When you are trying to get a specific picture, however, try to open up the babies’ fists. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult, but relaxed hands will give your shoot a more comfortable and relaxed feeling.

  1. Know your photography basics

It’s true that most portrait & wedding photographers opt to shoot at angles of f/1.2 & f/1.4.  Unlike those shoots, however, with baby photography, many of the poses can have wider angles and sometimes, it could be better to focus on your depth of field and acuity by shooting around f/2 & f/2.2.

How to Choose The Best Photography App

It is very likely that you use your smart phone in order to take pictures of the things that you see every day. When you travel, you can take pictures of the things that you have just seen for the very first time. You cannot just post the pictures just yet. You need to pick the right picture that you are going to share to the rest of the world.

There are some people who are just not happy with the photography apps that they have seen so far they have decided to create their own. You can check out react native if you want to know more. Remember that app developing will take some skills and pure talent. The more that you know about what you should do, the better that you will be inspired to make your own application.

Let us say that you have no time create the right photography app. You can just choose the best photography app that you can find from the Play Store or from the App Store. There are so many photography apps available but as long as you know what you want, you will be able to make the right choice.

How to Choose The Best Photography App

How to Choose The Best Photography App

These are some of the applications that you need to consider:

  1. Snapseed

There are a lot of people who like this application because it comes with tools that can truly improve the way that a picture looks like. This comes with frames too that will allow you to create quirky pictures if you feel the need to do so. This is a free application that you can use a lot to have amazing pictures to post.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

There are a lot of photography enthusiasts who use this mobile application whenever they want to create amazing photos. The full-range functionality makes it the choice of a lot of people. Will you consider this as your main choice as well? It will be up to you to make a decision. This is known to be convenient and useful. It helps that this is free as well.

  1. VSCO

You can expect that there are a lot of filters available when you check VSCO. You can use the application for free but there are some filters that you can get for a fee. These paid filters can truly enhance your pictures. It will be up to you to decide if the fees are worth it or not. If you love posting pictures, the extra money you are going to spend will be worth it.

  1. EyeEm

This is known to be one of the most well-known photo communities available. This also comes with different filters that you can use well. The best thing about this application is you can also sell your pictures. You may never know, there may be some people who are willing to buy your very own pictures.

  1. Pixlr

This is a photography application that can be used on mobile phones and even your desktop. This comes with a lot of photography editing tools that will help you enhance the images you choose to edit.

There are a lot of photography applications available. All you have to do is to pick the one that will work best for you.

Tips for Taking Sports Photos Like a Pro

Photography is one of the ways of portraying things and keeping memories. People photograph for many different reasons, the most common one being so that people can keep their memories. It is a business that is very profitable when done the right way. There are different types of photography such as wildlife, sports, portraits, landscapes, amongst many others. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the tips for taking sports photos like a pro.

Tips for Taking Sports Photos Like a Pro

Tips for Taking Sports Photos Like a Pro

Know and understand your sport

If you want to have power over everything, the best medicine is knowledge. If you’re interested in doing photography of a certain sports, it is important for you to do your research well and gain knowledge on the sport. This will make you know how best to take the shots, or to setup the cameras. This will lead to a higher success rate.

Be prepared

By being prepared, we are not only saying that you should be prepared from the photographic point of view. You also need to be physically fit. You might need to stand for long periods of time, or you could even be required to move around just as much as the athletes. You also need to have the right type of clothing for the particular weather.

Basic camera setup

You will want to consider the option of raw capture even though most people opt for JPEG. Raw capture offers more flexibility when it comes to post processing, and most especially where the lighting is tricky. You will also want the drive mode to be continuous, and no single shot. Shutter priority mode will also work best for most sports and action shots. Continuous AF also allows the camera to self-adjust the focus.

The Best Swim Cap

One of the sporting events that might interest you when it comes to photography is swimming. In order to get the best shots, one has to understand the different swimming styles. The first step to understanding this would be to go out and learn how to swim. This can best be done with the right accessories, including swim caps. In this article, we are now going to review the best swim caps according to

Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap

Favored by both professionals and recreational swimmers, this swim cap is made of lightweight materials, and it fits comfortable over the head while in the water. The silicone lets a reasonable amount of air to pass through, and also allows it to expand, no matter how long or thick it is.


  • The materials used are above industry standard and synthetic
  • Imported materials
  • ​Really good stretch
  • ​Snag and tear-proof
  • ​Provides a good amount of durability
  • Is a good fit and easy to wear and take off
  • Comes in 12 colors

Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

The silicone in this cap allows air through, and also enables it to stretch, making it the perfect choice for long hair. It can be used by both professionals and learners.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Latex-free
  • ​No snagging – easy to wear and take off
  • ​Double stretch allows the cap to stretch to double its size for long thick hair
  • ​Hugs the head to significantly minimize drag
  • Special design for swimmer that have long, thick hair

Swimtastic Lycra Swim Cap

This swim cap works perfectly for both short and long hair. It is made of UV resistant material that protects the hair and the scalp from the sun, especially after swimming in a pool with chlorine.


  • The cap does not move from the head while you swim
  • Comes in 5 colors
  • ​UV resistant material
  • ​The material provides a good amount of stretch – perfect for both male and female swimmers
  • Quick drying

TYR Lycra Swim Cap

This swimming cap is durable and stretchy, and also comes bigger, making it more comfortable regardless of the length or thickness of the hair.


  • 80% of the swimming cap is made using recycled nylon while the other 20% is made using highly durable Lycra
  • The swim cap is mainly designed for recreational swimmers and not professionals
  • Comes in a total of 6 colors

Royal Swim Cap for Long Hair

This swim cap works best for those that have long hair, and it features nose clips and earplugs. The silicone material ensures durability and breathability, and it is available in universal sizes.


  • 100% waterproof, which means the cap will not let any water get inside the cap. It doesn’t matter how frequently you swim and whether or not you are a professional
  • The caps are great for wavy, curly, straight and fleecy hair types
  • ​The materials used are top quality and overly sturdy. Moreover, the silicone is hypoallergenic, which means it is made from non-toxic materials.
  • ​High durability
  • ​Universal size – it is unisex
  • ​Great stretch
  • Comes in 3 colors (pink, black and blue)


Photography is something that can be learned by anyone that has an interest in it. they might not make it as good photographers in a day, but with persistence, they will sharpen their skills.

How is Today’s Job Market?

The job market has truly evolved over the past years. There was a time when it was so simple and people could choose the jobs that they want and get them. Right now, there is a lot of competition no matter what type of job you want to have.

Since the competition has grown stiffer than before, the procedure those companies follow in order to hire people has also considerably changed. For example, in the past, all people had to do was to submit a bio-data and they would be admitted for the job but right now, people have to go through a tedious interview process. There is also no guarantee that they will get the position that they want immediately because they have to compete with so many other people.

How is Today’s Job Market?

How is Today’s Job Market?

The screening process has also become more tedious. It will take a long time before people are able to get interviews. Those whose CVs have gotten noticed have to go through rigorous background checks before they are admitted. There are also more tests that people have to go through before they are hired. Some companies would require personality tests more now to be sure that people they will hire are capable of doing work.

It can be tedious and time-consuming to become a potential employee but you always have the opportunity to prepare for it. Some people are already good at it and they know the process because they have gone through numerous interviews and have gotten hired several time. If you are new to the job screening process, you need to check out NYC resume interview & online prep at the soonest possible time. It will help you know what you need to prepare for. You can also build up your strengths more so that you will be noticed more.

It can be different for you when you would like to be a freelancer. For example, you are someone who is very interested in photography but you do not have enough capital to set up your own office yet. You can always start small by advertising your services to different people. The more that you let people see your quality work, the more that you will get hired. Take note that it is not going to be easy to be hired. Even if people are always looking for photographers, there are so many aspiring photographers who may get chosen over you because of different reasons.

These are some tips that will help you cope with the very tedious target market more:

  • You need to know how to adapt better to your present surroundings. You know that it is going to be complicated so you have to know what to do to become noticed by companies or your target clients.
  • Expect that the market is going to become even tougher than ever. You need to know how to be resilient so you will manage to stand up stronger and better each time.
  • You need to know how to take responsibility for your actions. There are moments when you will make some mistakes but the more that you stand up for your choices, the better the possible outcome is going to be.

Are you ready to do well in today’s job market?