Catch The Essence of Your Home: Real Estate Photography

Are you looking to sell your property and want to capture it at its best? Real estate photography can be extremely hard to do since it involves capturing the essence of a home. It should make the viewer feel like their own home. They should want to buy it! Therefore, maybe you have a house you would like to sell or you are new to the real estate photography game. Whatever the case, always remember that you are marketing a home and not a house. Real estate photography can involve a lot of pre-requisite work as well. You might need to have your house tidied up or repainted.

Catch The Essence of Your Home: Real Estate Photography

Catch The Essence of Your Home: Real Estate Photography

We have a few tips for those who wish to sell their properties or for naive who just want to learn real estate photography. Read these and never let yourself down in the real estate photography niche:

Use Natural Lighting:

The sun can be your best friend when it comes to real estate photography. We recommend taking your photos in the late morning or early afternoon. This is when the sun reaches at its brightest. It provides you with ample opportunities to capture your house from the best angles and in the best lighting. Even when it comes to the interior, draw up the curtains. Let all the light in. This will make your house feel more spacious and well lit. You can even remove them completely. Then analyze which spots of your house look the best when the light hits it. Then, simply shoot!

Use a Wide Angle Lens:

A wide angled lens is best for you if you want to add depth and structure to your home. It will end up making your rooms bigger than they really are. It assists you to capture the full essence of the space you are trying to photograph. If you wish to attract any customers, invest in a wide-angle lens. HDR photography is best when you wish to emphasize the intricate details of your home. It takes several photos, each at different exposures, and layers them together. This creates a photo with multiple shades and outlooks. The end result is a unique and polished finish.

Use Pre-Set Editing:

Editing can change the whole outlook of your photos. A bluer sky, a greener grass, and brighter colors can make your house look beautiful. Pre-set editing means you have already set the parameters to be edited. You need only upload the picture to the software and it would edit the pictures according to the parameters you have already set. It saves you a lot of time and you end up with your own unique style.

Photograph your Bathroom and Kitchen:

Most folks often tend to neglect taking pictures of the bathrooms and the kitchen. However, these two places are very important. A hygienic and clean bathroom and kitchen will put the Buyer’s queries at rest. However, if these places are not clean, it can chase away any potential buyers. First, you need to ensure that these places are neat and clean. Organize everything into proper racks. Buy any luxuries that you might think will attract buyers.

An excellent vent fan for your bathroom can look perfect in your pictures. Although, you won’t be leading it behind with the house, the presence of it can be very convincing. It shows your buyers that you care about hygiene and thus would keep your bathroom clean and they will not have their work cut out for them. You can buy the best ones from Home Spa Select. They go into depth about the different bathroom fans and explain which one suits you best. It can make your bathrooms look more luxurious!