Country and Rustic Looking Photo Ideas

Photographers are always looking for new ways to showcase their skills. Sometimes they need to step out of the box and give their clients a unique photographic experience. That’s why we are providing you with a list of great country and rustic looking photo ideas. Take what you like and ignore what you don’t.

The families you photograph probably don’t all invest in timber frame plans to build vintage inspired log cabins. Although it would be great if you knew someone with a log home, that option might be a little far-fetched.  Of course, the link above gives you access to some popular designs in case you have the surplus income to invest in one for your own pleasure.

But, since you probably don’t, you might want to consider the ideas that follow instead.

Country and Rustic Looking Photo Ideas

Country and Rustic Looking Photo Ideas

15 Rustic Ideas for Your Photography Shoots

Thinking up new environments and layouts can be a daunting task. Often, you need a little inspiration to get the creative design embers burning. This list of 15 rustic ideas for your photography shoots should give you a little fuel for that fire:

  1. Barn- This seems to be the most obvious choice. After all, who doesn’t love a big red barn background?
  2. Bridge– There are covered bridge locations all over the United States. In fact, there’s even a registry, right here, where you can find the location of the one nearest you.
  3. Corn Field- There’s nothing more rustic than harvest time. And, now, with so many corn mazes “cropping” up all over, this should be an easy, though seasonal, option.
  4. Tree Grove– Old school photo ops utilized lots of natural scenes. A huge expanse of trees will do just the trick.
  5. Fields of Grass– Very similar to the purpose of the tree grove, fields of grass offer a sense of serenity that your clients will love.
  6. Pumpkin Patch- This one might be a bit played out, but if you are photographing kids it makes a great stage.
  7. Leaves- Those burnt orange fall leaves scream the rustic concept in these images.
  8. Flannel Blankets– Maybe this would even be all the better with a family around a bonfire wrapped in their cozy flannel blankets.
  9. Crates- Vintage is as vintage does. And, old wood crates are a spectacular vintage photo prop.
  10. Hay Bales- Once again returning to our more “country” roots, hay bales is an option you should definitely consider.
  11. Wagons– Do some research on locations of antique wagons. It might be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.
  12. Vegetables- Again, thinking about harvest time with this idea. However, you might consider pairing the vegetables with some of those old wood crates. Have the family hauling in the harvest together as you photograph them.
  13. Under a Tree– Pictures under a tree are perfect when setting up a comfortable and rustic-looking couple’s session. Think about suggesting that they wear boots and plaid to add to its authenticity.
  14. In a Boat– Fishing was truly a way of life for our country heritages. Bring back the nostalgia with this concept.
  15. By the Water– If your clients aren’t comfortable on a boat, they might appreciate just being near the water. Here are some great images of people by the water. Maybe you can take a few poses for your own.

We hope you have found something useful in our list, but if you’re still seeking, there’s more here. And, if your business is a success, maybe you will make enough money to build your own timber frame house!