Smartphone Photography Tips for Taking Better Pictures

It is a good thing to make the most out of our cameras so that we can get the best photographs. Nowadays, people tend to do everything using their smartphones, and that includes browsing the internet and taking photographs. Most of the modern smartphones are optimized for photography with some of them having very good camera features. In this article, we are going to look at some photography tips to improve our photography skills.

Get to Know Your Camera

This should be the first thing to do because different cameras have different features. Take advantage of all the features to get the best photographs. Always remember that practice makes perfect, and that is the reason why you should play around with your camera settings and get to know your camera better.

Smartphone Photography Tips for Taking Better Pictures

Get Close and Fill the Viewfinder

Sometimes when you take a phot too far away from the object, chances are high that you’ll miss out on a very vital feature, missing out on a great photo. The further away that you get from the object, the smaller and unrecognizable the object becomes. Zooming reduces the quality of the photos and so the best thing is to get as close as possible and fill the viewfinder.

Remember the Rule of Thirds

Most people have not heard about the rule of thirds, and are more inclined to place the subject in the middle of the frame. The rule of thirds is whereby you break the frame into three equal sections, both horizontally and vertically. Many smartphone cameras already have the lines placed in the viewfinder, and the trick is to place the point of interest at the intersection of the lines.

Get the Right Light

Natural lighting will always bring out the best colors in any photo as compared to photos taken by a flash, and this is especially for portrait photos. Strong artificial lights work best or you can try and use something that will reflect natural light.

Take Photos with People

You might be able to take a great photo of a mountainside but it might not look as great without people in it. They tend to make it more personal and appealing to the audience.

Keep the Lens Clean

Imagine taking a photo only to realize that there is a ghost, or ghosts in it. The chances are that the ghosts are being brought about by the dirt in the lens. For crystal clear shots, ensure that the lens is clean.


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There are many more photography tips than the ones that we’ve looked at above. There are also numerous apps that can enhance photos and also enable sharing and selling, the best one of them being Photrist.