Video Games That Highlight Photography

Before we begin this piece, did you know that there are people who are so deeply wrapped up in gaming that there’s video game tourism? These gamers and photographers spend extensive hours working on capturing the best screenshots from their favorite games. Some hack the games to change the scenery whereas others leave the images untouched. Given this marriage of hobbies, it’s no surprise that there are now video games that highlight photography.

Most “real” gamers are devoted to their gaming computers. Especially those that participate in video game tourism. That’s why they will be interested in High Ground Gaming’s top keyboard picks. With the right keyboard, they will be able to capture just the shot they are looking for as some keyboards are more responsive than others. For those gamers, there may also be an interest in the photography inclusive games on our list.

Video Games That Highlight Photography

5 Video Games Photographers Don’t Want to Miss

It’s kind of fun thinking that photography has made an impact on the gaming industry. Until recently it has only been included in bonus modes or mini-games. However, we’d like to introduce you to some gaming storylines that incorporate photography as a main part. These are the 5 games photographers don’t want to miss:

  1. Dead Rising– This is an Xbox 360 game that came out in 2006. A zombie infestation has taken over a small suburban town and the main character, Frank West, who just happens to be a freelance photographer, wants to get the scoop. Players get to use what appears to be a Nikon D1X to take rather improbable zoomed pictures. Frank’s also great for fighting zombies when he’s not taking pictures.
  2. Fatal Frame Series– Available on several platforms, this game appeared on the scene in 2002. The series reached its finale in 2008. A camera is used to fight deadly evil spirits. Designed to feel like a first-person shooter game, the weapon is a camera instead of a gun. Film photography is the key here as film’s the ammunition. Learn more.
  3. Beyond Good and Evil– Another action adventure game hailing from the early 2000s, this one is by Ubisoft and also available on multiple platforms. It will readily remind you of Dead Rising as the main character is an investigative reporter, though this one is female. It’s a futuristic jaunt into fighting propaganda and human trafficking. Read this for more information.
  4. Spider Man 3- Surely we are all aware of Peter Parker’s profession, so this 2007 game designed for a number of gaming systems shouldn’t be of much surprise. The photography in this game includes Parker’s money making Spidey selfies.
  5. Bully- This Rockstar created, 2006 game is at least a lot less violent than some of the others on the list. The main character, Jimmy Hopkins, is an anti-hero. His job is to fulfill his homework assignments. So, what better way to do that than take a photo class, which appears to be part of the school’s required curriculum. He roams the school’s hallway taking shots of various schoolhouse situations.

Most photographers never envisioned a gaming world that would cater to their preferences. In fact, the discovery of these games was shocking for us. We had no idea that video game photography even existed, let alone making it a major part of gaming storylines. But, if you’d like to learn more about the whole video game tourism trend, this is a great link.