Tips for Taking Amazing Photographs on Your Biking Road Trips

Biking is one of the most thrilling hobbies out there.  There are few things as glorious as taking a long road trip with a crew of biker pals.  The fresh air is absolutely brilliant and these scenic drives are filled with splendor, laughs and excitement.  It is only natural to want to capture these fun motorcycling trips with your pals and to capture some of the beautiful views you see and people you meet on camera.   But photography is rather challenging when you are taking on biking journeys. There isn’t much room for gear and you really do need to choose everything from your outfit to your carry on wisely or you can easily feel burdened by your idea to take some great photographs of the trip.  Here are a few great biking and photography tips for your next big road trip.

Tips for Taking Amazing Photographs on Your Biking Road Trips

Tips for Taking Amazing Photographs on Your Biking Road Trips

It’s all about the shoes

Shoes probably don’t have much to do with the quality of your photographs but it certainly is important whenever you go out on a motorcycle.  Feet are incredibly delicate.  There are, after all, 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles just in your feet.  Your feet are also the body part that is most likely to obtain injuries during a bad fall.  This is because your feet will be the first things you use to shield yourself when you crash and your feet are very likely to end up crushed underneath the bike as you grind over the hard ground.  Plenty of biker’s feet get ruined during accidents.  Biking boots are critical when you are taking on road trips and there are also few things that look as great in a bikini photo session as a pair of tough boots.  Tourmaster solution boots are the ultimate biking boots to consider for great looking boot shots and for staying safe on your trip.

The right backpack is critical

You need a backpack with lots of padding in which to store that expensive camera.  The backpack shouldn’t be too big or either or you can end up causing a lot of wind friction.  A good camera backpack should be sufficient for keeping your camera safe and secure as you drive.

Don’t fidget with too many extras

Motorcycling is the one occasion where you really do need to take along the bare essentials.  Your camera, perhaps one extra lens, memory cards and a pack of batteries is the only things you should tag along.  Getting by without all of that other gear can be quite challenging but you will gain a lot more freedom.

Think it out

Before you set out on your journey, think of everything you want to capture.  There are so many more things than just landscapes to shoot on these trips.  Here is a quick list of brilliant photography topics on motorcycle trips;

–    Capture some of those biker jackets

–    Biking silhouette shots against the horizon

–    Biker boots placed firmly on to the side of a beautiful horizon view

–    Get some images of those glorious bikes

–    Capture some of your friends in action

–    Get a picture of the entire gang as they drive off

Motorcycling is a great hobby and capturing that special road tripping moment is definitely worth the extra effort.