Tips To Help You Stay Fresh During Photography Sessions

Photography sessions are usually great fun and often very relaxing for the photo subjects.  Those that go for a photo session are usually spoiled and thrilled by the photographer and crew in order to get the best possible photos and the most beautiful smiles.

But photography sessions are a whole different story for the photographer.  Keeping your subjects happy, content and in the right pose takes a whole lot of hard work.  Photographers often also have to do crazy things like climbing to crazy heights, getting down on their knees and much worse in order to get that perfect one in a million shot.

It can be hard to stay refreshed during photography sessions when you are constantly acting the clown, scurrying up and down and concentrating to the extreme to get good images during a shoot.  Here are a few tips to help you stay fresh during photography sessions so you can look as professional as your photographs do.

Tips To Help You Stay Fresh During Photography Sessions

Tips To Help You Stay Fresh During Photography Sessions

Get good quality cologne

It is so important to invest in good quality cologne.  Most body sprays react with your skin and your sweat and often results in horrific odors that you often cannot smell yourself.  A good quality cologne, on the other hand, is designed to smell great irrespective of skin type and will last a lot longer than anybody spray.   A good scent is also great for making you feel comfortable when you are getting up close and personal with photography subjects and will keep you confident during those extra hot outdoor photography sessions.  Find out more here about the best perfumes for busy men.

Wear light colors and fabrics

Lighter colors reflect UV rays while darker colors absorb the rays.  If you are planning a major outdoor shoot for a wedding shoot or couples shoot then you should definitely consider wearing light-colored clothing.  A light and breathable shirt with khaki pants are a much cooler and better solution than jeans and a dark shirt.  The lighter shirt is also great for reflecting light onto your subjects so your photographs can pop.

Get a grooming kit for your car

A grooming kit is a very handy kit to have in your car when you are not sure of how long sessions will take.  Stock your grooming kit with essentials like mouthwash, wet wipes, deodorant, an extra shirt and some sun protection so you can stay fresh no matter how tough your photography sessions get.

Carry chewing gum with you

Most photo sessions involve a lot of communication between photographer and subject and you often have to get pretty close and personal to get those perfect poses.  A pack of chewing gum will keep your breath fresh and will keep your throat from drying out as you talk and talk.  With fresher breath, you won’t be too afraid to zoom in for those close-up shots and it just becomes a whole lot more comfortable to deal with other people.

To be a successful photographer you need much more than just a fancy camera and good creativity.  You also need to mind your own personal appearance and look so you will become a professional identity.