Why Every Photographer Needs a Good Bookkeeper

Photography is one of the best skills you can develop.  With good photography skills you always have terrific photographs of your family and friends and you always have a way to make some money.  You can either do photography as a freelancer or you can start your very own photography business.  You need good creativity skills to be good in photography and unfortunately, most creative people aren’t too good with numbers which makes the admin side of your photography income quite challenging.  A bookkeeper is a must for any photographer that earns cash from this type of work.

Why Every Photographer Needs a Good Bookkeeper

What is a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is someone that processes and records your financial transactions.  This process is also known as accounting.  Bookkeepers usually process sales, payments, payroll, receipts, invoices and every other financial part about your business.

Top reasons to get a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is hard work and if your accounting is not done correctly you can easily get into trouble with authorities who can blame you for tax evasion when you cannot prove that you have paid taxes or when you cannot prove where your income came from.  A lot of freelancers and photographers can do their own bookkeeping but it is quite hard and it takes a while to develop good accounting skills.  Here are the top reasons why you should rather trust a professional bookkeeper for your accounting;

Get the right info on the right processes – Are you a registered photography company or are you a freelancer?  Different rules and regulations apply to companies and freelancers when it comes to the administration, tax payments and tax claims.  A good bookkeeper will give you the best advice on how to do your admin correctly and what is expected from the admin side of your business.

They can do your bookkeeping for you – It’s always difficult to figure out what to do with all of those slips, invoices, quotes and bills.  A good bookkeeper will do all of your accounting for you and will ensure that everything is done right.  Bookkeepers like Bookkeeper Co are even willing to work with your personal software so you can easily keep track of all of your income and expenses.

Bookkeepers can also do your payroll – Do you have a team of employees in your photography company?  Then you probably know how hard it is to figure out how much to pay everyone with all of those deductions, tax percentages and benefits that need to be allocated.  Bookkeepers Co also offers payroll services.  They can do all the salary calculations and allocations for you; they can make the payments on your behalf and even supply you with high quality pay slips.

Saves you a lot of time – Accounting and payroll is hard work and takes up a lot of your time.  If a professional handles this part of your company for you then you will have more time to focus on other topics.

They are affordable – Most people who suffer on their own with accounting have no clue of what bookkeepers charge.  They are actually surprisingly affordable and definitely worth your investment.